As United States Citizens, we sleep easy each night knowing our freedom
and way of life are protected by the brave men and women in our military.
We go to bed each night knowing that our children are safe, our loved ones
have what they need, and we'll wake the next morning able to fulfill our

Operation Sweet Dreams works to make sure that our military
members can have those same luxuries. We hope to provide military
members of Camp Pendleton the ability to sleep easy with the
knowledge that their families are well taken care of and their
sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.

We are proud to announce that Operation Sweet Dreams is currently
seeking a non-profit/ tax exempt status! We will keep you posted of
our progress.

Why do we do we think it's important to support our local military heroes?
Because while they're out protecting us, it is our duty to take care of them
and their families who also make sacrifices for our country.

Check out the poems below, written by military family members (and now a
poem written by a St. John's student -- Grace S.), and know that your
donations make a difference in the lives of many!

A Mom's Pride and Fear
Kelly Smith

The day you were born, my dear baby boy,
My world filled with delight, and my heart filled with joy.
That face full of innocence, your smile so bright,
I held your life in my arms, as I rocked you each night.
As I'd lay you to sleep, looking down with a tear,
I pondered your future, a mom's pride and fear.

As a toddler you grew in your size and your style,
The terrible two's brought that laugh and that smile.
We were on our own now, making our way,
And my love just grew stronger with each passing day.
Your first step, your first words, your first bus ride that school year,
Brought a mix of emotions, a mom's pride and fear.

Remember our dirt bikes, you'd laugh and you'd cry,
As we'd conquer a hill, or I'd yell BAIL and you'd fly.
We were snowboarding buddies, no one else could compare,
We tried bringing friends, but their slowness would wear.
To Whistlin Jack on our snowmobiles and off the cliff you did veer,
I found you, we climbed out, a mom's pride and fear.

With high school came puberty, girls, and homework,
At times you were distant at times a complete jerk.
But whatever the problem, we had our own pact,
Our bond will remain and our love stay in tact.
Off to college you went and you had your first beer,
You're out on your own, a mom's pride and fear.

You came back home to figure life out,
You dropped out of college and gave me some doubt.
Then came the discussion, you joined the Marines,
My heart filled with terror, I caused quite a scene.
You valued my thoughts, you made it so clear,
You are your own man now, a mom's pride and fear.

You've been sent to Iraq, for my freedom you fight,
It's MY job to protect YOU, I can't sleep at night.
You're doing a job with purpose and pride,
So I'll keep to myself the times I have cried.
In a land far away, you are out of my reach,
As you think of America, remember my speech.
You have my support son, I'll always be here,
Stay safe, stay sane, a mom's pride and fear.

For My Son
Zachary J. Symonds
United States Marine Serving in Iraq
September 11, 2006

Can You Imagine?
by Roxanne Barefoot

Can you Imagine how it feels
To lay alone at the end of the day
To stay awake just for the chance
That he will call just to say hey

Can you Imagine how it feels
To cringe at the sound of every gun
And to think that he may never
Get the chance to have a son

Can you Imagine what its like
To live alone and always know
The one you love is gone
And again his face may never show

Can you Imagine what I do
To pass the time when he is gone
I miss him so bad that all
I can do is sing our song

Can you Imagine what I say
When someone asks if Im ok
They want me to smile and nod
Because to them its just another day

Can you Imagine what I think
When I wait for weeks without a call
I lay awake and pray to God
That its not because he's taken a fall

Can you Imagine what I see
Whenever the news is on at night
The nightmares they always come
And I cry alone in the painful light

Can you Imagine how it is
To live without the one thats holds heart
No you can't and I pray
For you, that you never have to start.

A Wife's Prayer for Her Marine

Dear Heavenly Father,
Now the evening shadows gather, the lonely night is here.
This day which has been so empty is almost gone.
Oh Dear God, be with my husband who is so far from home.
Help him when the thoughts of his loved ones bring the awful heartache on.
Lord, let him know that with Your ever-lasting love, You are right beside him
With Your loving mercy from above.
Help him with his heartache, with the closeness of a friend, a smile of understanding.
It will lift the burden from his heart.
Let him also be a blessing to one who needs him.
Let him feel the prayers of his loved ones whose thoughts are always with him.
And, Dear God, when the tide has turned against him,
His whole world seems upside down,
Let him see things more clearly.
Show him how to love Thee more dearly.
Let his faith in Thee stay unbroken.
Inspire him with new courage every day so that he will soon be with us.
Make him strong to run the race.

Loving a Marine

Loving a Marine is not always play;
Loving him truly is a high price to pay.
It's being alone with no one to hold,
It's being young and feeling so old.

It's having him whispering his love to you;
It's whispering back that you love him, too.
There comers a kiss and a promise of more,
and in his mind fond memories he will store.

Reluctantly, painfully, letting him go,
while your dying inside from wanting him so.
Watching him leave with eyes full of tears,
standing alone with your hopes, dreams and fears.

It's sending a letter with the stamp upside down,
to your far away love in a far away town.
It's going to church to kneel and pray,
and really meaning the things you say.

Weeks are like months, and months like years.
You wait for the day when you'll have no more fears.
Days go by slowly, how many have passed?
And suddenly you realize that it is here at last!

Yes, loving a Marine brings bitterness and fears,
Loneliness, sadness, and despondent years.
Loving a Marine isn't much fun,
But it is worth the price when the battle is won.

I'll Miss You, Daddy
Cindy Farnum

I'll miss you, Daddy, when you're gone,
But as I've promised, I'll be strong.

I'll send you pictures as I grow,
And time will pass but very slow.

I'll watch over Mommy and give her love,
And pray for your safety to God above.

I'll read my books and try to learn.
I'll eat my peas and take my turn.

I'll share with my sister, though hard it may be,
And I'll give you reasons to be proud of me.

I won't watch the news 'cuz it can be scary.
I know you'll do good and the love that you carry.

I know you're strong, and God does, too.
So come home soon, Daddy, I love you.

There come times in this world
Where men make a choice
To fight for their country
Our rights, freedom, and voice

Then comes sadness and grief
On the day they depart
As they leave for Iraq
They leave family with a heavy heart

No more big guy or daddy
No more guys to pick up kids
More lonely nights in bed
That’s just the way it is
No more waking up to
A stubble-faced man
No more coffee for two
Or omelet in the pan

Getting up
Is a chore
Without someone there
To snore

But when they come back
What joy lights our faces
As we greet our beloved troops
With kisses, hugs, and smiling faces

Warmth rejuvenates
What had used to be cold
With a sense that hope was here
And the children could be told

That daddy had returned
And would most definitely stay
Until another dreadful departing
Next year, or month or day

We commoners take our family members for granted
But learn from those who know
People can die easier than you think
From disease, hail, sleet or snow

Be brave like those with military members
And be grateful that your dad is here
Without him that’s a different story
And a harder path to steer

Military men give up their lives
To do what is just and right
So take some time to thank your mom/dad
Of how much they mean to your life!

God bless you young souls in Iraq!
Ensuring Our Military Heroes Can Rest Easy