Current Project: Operation Rack Presents
Unit Sponsored: First Battalion, Fifth Marines (1/5)
Number of Marines/Sailors to be Served: Approximately 600
Drive Close Dates: The last day of collection will be on December 8th
Contact Info: Questions? Contact Cindy Farnum at
Items needed: Items in RED indicate our greatest needs. We are starting at zero as we gave
all our remaining collection for the 15th MEU to 2/5 after our last drive.
Towels ***
Toiletry items: soap, shampoo, shaving cream**, razors, toothpaste, deodorant**
Entertainment items: movie tickets**, magazines, DVDs, etc
Snack food items**
Soft Drinks and water
Subway and Dominos gift cards ***($5-$10. The barracks rooms sit within walking
distance of Subway, and dominos can deliver to them at any time.)
Gift cards to other restaurants (For example, Philly's Best, Del Taco, Starbucks /
Taco Bell/In and Out/ Misc. gift certificates)***
Calling Cards
Movie gift certificates**
T-shirts **
Cleaning supplies
Paper Towels, Paper Plates, and Plastic Ware
Tape -- painters
Mints, gum and candy
Dry drink mixes
Laundry detergent
Microwave popcorn/ microwave soup/non-perishable microwave meals
Welcome home signs
We gladly welcome any other donations or ideas appropriate for young, single Marines
as they return home from a long deployment in Afghanistan.

For an up-to-date list of donations, click here (updated on 12/3) For a copy
of our wish list to pass on to others,
click here.

When Camp Pendleton Marines return from deployment, many are greeted by loved ones and
return home to special family gatherings or celebrations. But others, especially young, single
Marines, often return home to no one, only to go back to barren barracks rooms with their
belongings still in storage. This can be because they will go on leave in a few days, or the cost
of travel is too much for their family members to afford. In any case, these heroes ALL
deserve a warm welcome home!

Operation Rack Presents is our mission to ensure that every single Marine in the
barracks returns home to find that he hasn't been forgotten. Through this effort,
each barracks room "rack" will be made with freshly cleaned bedding and covered with
presents. Their refrigerators will be filled with cold drinks, and their bathrooms will
be stocked with toiletry items. We will place yellow ribbons on each door knob, signs
in each room, thank you cards in each gift bag and notes on each pillow. Our objective
is to spoil all Marines returning from deployment to barracks rooms.

Please see the list of our donors below. THANK YOU to those of you who
have volunteered your time and resources!!

~This year's Operation Christmas Spirit's efforts will support the Christmas
wishes of 40 Marine/Navy families through the leadership of our Christmas
Angel, Christy Wrightson. If you are interested in "adopting" a family from
1/5, 2/5, 3/5, SOI, or CLB 5 OR if you are interested in making a donation
to go towards our group adoptions, please email Christy Wrightson at

A very heartfelt thanks to the following people and businesses who have already
contributed to Operation Rack Presents:

~K.C. Flint and Family
~PSSD, Inc.
~The Walters Family (Michelle)
~Paula Cascella
~Andrew Fowler and his students in Chicago
~Amber Brennan and Family
~The Kellogg Company
~The Farnum Family (Cindy, Pete and Kylie)
~The O'Dell Family (Chaplain O'Dell and super wife, Amy)
~The Farnum Family (Gina, Chris, Travis and Ewan)

~The Cora Family
~The Merritt Family
~The Miller Family
~The Rosenthal Family
~The O'Brien Family
~The Perricone Family
~The Hanna Family
~The Willis Family
~The Rodgers Family
~The Mitchell Family
~The Byron Family
~The Carlson Family
~The Schultz Family
~The Hershorin Family
~The Granito Family
~The Hinshaw Family
~The Shu Family
~The Wizer Family
~The Shimokaji Family
~The Crader Family
~The Zaccagnini Family
~The Meech Family
~The Malia Family
~The Desper Family
~Michelle's Family
~The Maggio Family
~Nedda B's Family
~The Henderson's Family
~The Leavell Family
~The Krouse Family
~The Lund Family (and door-to-door efforts)
~The Adra Family
~The Welch Family
~The Castner Family
~The Nen Family
~The Field Family
~The Angelich Family
~The Davis Family (Ryan)
~The Reed Family (Axel)
~The Belmont Family
~Bonsal West Elementary School
~Ladera Ranch Middle School
~The City of Costa Mesa
~Fred Arnold
~The Reyner Family
~The Khademi Family
~Ladies Auxiliary from AL Post 291
~McCollough Family
~The Reed Family (Michelle) and door-to-door efforts
~The Parker Family
~The Hardy Family
~The Ruiz Family
~Monica Read
~The Collinske-Farinella Family
~The Vallis Family
~The Hopper Family
~Palo Casino
~Pepsico Co, and Marsi Zintel!!!!
~Fallbrook Vintage Car Club
~The Dawson Family
~The Jones Family
~Quaker Co.
~Andrew Fowler and Harbor Academy, Oakbrook, IL.
~The Desper Family